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The first phase of the TEAMS (The East African Marine System) high speed undersea fibre cable project has been completed and will officially be launched by President Mwai Kibaki this Friday the 12th June 2009. TEAMS is an initiative led by the Government to link Kenya to the rest of

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The last couple of weeks have seen a whole raft of new developments in Kenya’s Internet and Telecoms sectors: The first major development is that the SEACOM high speed undersea cable has landed in Mombasa and work is underway to ensure that operations commence in June 2009 as scheduled. This

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Over the last few of years, Kenya’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have developed broadband offerings for the home market. This article is a objective comparison of the different offerings in the marketplace, and how they match up. More specifically, this comparison ONLY includes broadband bundles that have a flat rate

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