Mobile Trends 2020 Africa.

Just picked this up from Erik Hersman’s WhiteAfrican blog. Its the Mobile Trends 2020 Africa presentation for which I was one of the many contributors. An insightful and broad view of where the mobile is going in Africa. Enjoy!
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  1. April 29, 2011 at 1:39 pm — Reply

    I agree with Erik Hersman’s thoughts the most. People have to start looking at ways around the walled gardens. Carrier-independent solutions. My thoughts on the mobile web as of 2020:

    1. Extensible feature phones(i.e those that can download apps) become the norm.
    2. Carrier independent e-commerce solutions carry the day.
    3. Affordable, truly unlimited data offerings become the norm.
    4. Mergers and acquisitions between leading content providers and ISPs become commonplace as data revenues are cannibalized

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