Kenya ICT Board Announces Private Sector Digital Content (Tandaa) Grant Winners.

I was meant to attend the Kenya ICT Board’s Dinner last week on the 30th September 2010 where they we’re to unveil the private sector digital content grant winners but I was really tired so could not make it. However, and this is something I had planned to blog about but I finally got my hands on the list of winners through the Kenya ICT Board web site this evening.

I must admit that the list included a good number of companies and organizations that are known to me including a client who asked for out help to bid for the same recently. I am actually kicking myself now for NOT making an application for a grant since from what I can tell its really good ideas that won the awards in general for both rounds (and I tend to have lots of them, or at least I think I do!).

In particular, Ask A Doc who are a Dotsavvy client (and will be partnering with them on this project) won an award for their grant application to offer a mobile-based medical information solutions (Congratulations Mwirigi Kinagwi and team!). Other winners included the likes of KenyaBuzz who are well known for their web site and e-newsletters that feature entertainment news that is regularly updated – they plan to “mobilize” their offerings and therefore reach a wider consumer market for their content.

For the full list and more details from the Kenya ICT Board web site, go here>

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