President Barack Obama’s speech on Africa in Ghana.

I have just been watching the much anticipated speech by President Barack Obama in Accra, Ghana this afternoon to the Ghanaian Parliament on his first official trip to Africa as President of the United States of America. Much of what President Obama had to say we already know as African’s. He has delivered a speech that encapsulates the negative and positive aspects that we know about Africa, ranging from corruption to peaceful elections, from war to peace, from tribalism to entrepreneurship.

In a nutshell, President Obama is well appraised on what is going on throughout the African continent as his speech clearly demonstrates. He has articulated many issues that are familiar but what is different is the actions he proposes that deviate from his predecessors. This is what Africa has been waiting for from the leader of the free world – a new direction and attitude from the US on Africa.

In his speech, President Obama has made a firm commitment to Africa, provided that we ourselves start to change our ways and aspire for more. That we become committed to change in Africa that will yield positive outcomes. If President Obama’s speech is not a strong enough call to action for ALL Africans, then who will stir us out of our decades long reverie of pain and hurt.

He is asking us, as Africans, to take responsibility for our destinies as individuals and communities. He is asking Africans to finally do the right thing and live up to their full potential and greatness. Indeed, is such a thing possible? Can we do the right thing as he has asked? I certainly hope so! YES WE CAN fellow Africans! Its time for new beginnings and time for a new Africa!

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