9 thoughts on “CDSC to create online system for NSE’s CDS account holders

  1. still waiting, this will update me of my transaction whenever i feel like checking, ooh still more convinient than monthly statements. what a good idea.

  2. I am writing to whoever is responsible with Ken gen shares,I had wanted to sell my shares but alas my certificate was returned on claims that signature that appeared was incorrect,as everybody knows signatures will never be exact,even yours,try,a slight difference shouldn’t be used as an excuse to derail a customer who wishes to dispose off his shares.
    2011 is when I started this journey,last year Dec I went to Image registrar house in Nairobi, re affirmed my signature, up to date my cds account has not been furnished with the said shares. I REALLY NEED MONEY FOR SCHOOL FEES,when are u people going to deposit my shares into my account???????????????? ID:9772968. It took a day to buy my kengen shares but selling these shares is becoming a mountain to climb? Can u people assist me get my shares to my kcb cds account??/?

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